In my four and a half years with ICEF Monitor, I was the director behind the scenes for all of the 70+ video interviews. Finally in 2015, I also got in front of the camera to conduct them, which you can watch below.

Update: For reasons unknown, after I left ICEF they decided to take all but two of these videos offline, which is rather unfortunate given their quality and popularity. You can, however, still read the accompanying articles via the links below.

Internationalisation continues to shape the Malaysian education brand

Three-part interview with Dr Syed Alwee Alsagoff, Senior Director for International Development at Education Malaysia Global Services.

Jackie and Alwee

In the first of three video segments, Dr Syed Alwee reflected on the importance of Malaysia’s Education Blueprint, and the country’s commitment to both quality assurance and measuring performance toward its national education goals.

In the second interview, Dr Syed Alwee explained that Malaysian educators have a broad view of employability. That vision encompasses employment outcomes immediately after graduation but also the role that higher education plays as a foundation for graduates’ longer-term careers and their capacity to become lifelong learners.

In the third and final discussion, Dr Syed Alwee explained that Malaysia’s competitive advantage springs from its highly international outlook – derived in part from significant levels of student and faculty mobility both to and from the country – in combination with a distinctly Asian perspective.

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Recruiting international students from Bolivia

Four-part interview with Shannon O’Brien, Director of International Studies at Minerva Consultores Académicos SRL in Bolivia.

Jackie and Sharon

In the first of four feature videos, Ms O'Brien described a study abroad market that has grown quickly in recent years, largely on the strength of a surprisingly strong and resilient economy. Ms O'Brien highlighted the demand for six-month high school exchange programmes among Bolivian students and a growing interest in New Zealand as a study destination.

In the second interview, Ms O'Brien described a growing interest in studying in Germany, fueled in part by family and cultural ties between the two countries, but also by the presence of German high schools operating in Bolivia.

Part three swung back around to focus on the USA as a leading destination for Bolivian students, and she discussed an agency's role in the decision making process. The final interview looked at the larger economic context in Bolivia and the factors that have contributed to the country's growth.

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Scholarships creating a culture of study abroad in Saudi Arabia

Two-part interview with Ayman Abdelhafez, Managing Director of Sindibad Education Consultancy (SEC) based in Saudi Arabia.

Jackie and Ayman

Tens of thousands of Saudi students have gone abroad over the past several years with the support of the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme (KASP). The scale and ambition of the programme has been such that Saudi Arabia has become one of the most important sending markets - and certainly one of the fastest-growing - of the past decade.

Mr Abdelhafez shared insights on the popular KASP scholarship programme and student mobility trends in Saudi Arabia. In this second part of the video interview, Mr Abdelhafez discussed the most popular methods Saudi students use as they begin to map out options for studying at language schools or universities abroad.

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Student recruitment in Colombia

Two-part interview with Daniel Saldarriaga Tirado, Relations and Logistics Director for the Colombian agency Viajes y Viajes.

Jackie and Daniel

Daniel and Jackie discussed tips and perspectives on the growing demand for study abroad in Colombia, plus some of this important emerging market's key characteristics.

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Agent perspectives on the changing Ukrainian market

Interview with Mariya Lunyak, Director of Alekom-tour in Ukraine.

Jackie and Mariya

Demand for study abroad is increasing under the current political crisis in the Ukraine, but Ms Lunyak highlighted that it is shifting to more affordable destinations, particularly those in Europe.

Read the accompanying article here.


EF continues to build new markets, products, and systems

Two-part interview with Anders Ahlund, EF’s President of International Sales and Marketing.

Jackie and Anders

Mr Ahlund shared his perspective on the industry and his views on some of the new initiatives at EF, one of the world’s leading language schools. The discussion began by talking about how the language industry has changed in recent decades, and Mr Ahlund highlighted a number of important shifts, including the increasing integration of language programmes with academic studies, the importance of emerging markets, the ongoing priority of diversifying enrolment, and the increasing role of technology in EF operations.

In the second video interview, Mr Ahlund introduced an important new initiative for the company: the EF Standard English Test (EFSET), a proprietary language test designed to allow students to more frequently test their progress and to receive results right away.

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Marketing and recruitment for online high school programmes

Two-part interview with David Hooser, president of US-based Franklin Virtual High School (FVHS):

This 2-part interview explored where virtual high school programmes fit in amidst the landscape of international education. Quality assurance is a key issue that online providers address in programme delivery through a combination of technological and staff oversights to ensure academic integrity.

Read the accompanying article here.


An acquisition story: New capital fuels ESL school expansion

Interview with Michael Hunter, President and CEO of the International Language Institute (ILI) in Canada.

Jackie and Michael

Jackie sat down with Canadian entrepreneur Michael Hunter to learn more about his 2014 acquisition of the International Language Institute (ILI) and his plans to build a chain of schools through similar acquisitions.

Read the accompanying article here.

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