Marketing expertise for
international student recruitment

Marketing expertise for
international student recruitment

Jackfruit Marketing can creatively refine your marketing, educational products, services or processes to capitalise on market changes and to create opportunities for brand development and revenue generation.

From top-line strategy to execution to training, contact us to learn how we can improve your marketing and international student recruitment efforts.


Jackfruit Marketing is a boutique consultancy, project management, and training company offering marketing expertise in the international education industry.

Marketing strategy:

  • Creating marketing plans for institutions, organisations, products, and services
  • Aligning an international strategy with an institution’s marketing and digital strategies
  • Expertise on marketing channels, techniques, messaging, and campaigns
  • Adjusting and customising your marketing to Generations X, Y, and Z
  • Creating personas for prospective students and their parents, crafting and tailoring marketing strategies and messages towards each persona, being mindful of their stage in the decision-making process and customer/student lifecycle
  • Brand management, brand positioning, and thought leadership
  • Aligning your brand to your strategic vision
  • Facilitating a brand refresh in order to reflect revised goals, new educational offerings, or modernise your approach
  • Brand monitoring and reputation management (especially when working internationally and/or through partners)
  • Creating innovative brand experiences to differentiate your brand in a crowded, competitive marketplace

We offer a variety of check-ups to help enhance your international student recruitment efforts:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Website or Blog Audit
  • International Brand Audit
  • Brochure or Prospectus Audit
  • International Student Journey Audit
  • Creating content strategies, plans and calendars for each marketing channel
  • Conducting content audits to discover, assess, and analyse all content and provide recommendations for improvements and content extensions
  • Aligning content with the recruitment funnel and the customer journey (for students, parents, and alumni)
  • Re-purposing content (to leverage current content, do more with less, activate storytelling, boost engagement, and customise content per audience whilst maintaining brand consistency) ​
  • Content writing, proofreading and editing (in either American or British English, Spanish or Dutch)
  • Advertising and email campaign planning, execution, and analysis
  • Website and microsite check-ups, enhancements, (re)launches, and landing pages
  • Video marketing and vlogs
  • B2B and B2C blogs
  • Social media planning, management, and tracking/analysis
  • Alumni marketing, social proofing, storytelling, and testimonials
  • New technologies (live streaming, interactive 360° photos/videos, virtual tours, virtual and augmented reality, mobile apps, ibeacons, etc.)
  • Marketing and sales collateral (brochures, signage, banners, presentations, calendars, social activities, destination information, accommodation information, etc.)
  • B2B and B2C events ​
  • Research on the latest digital and tech trends, marketing techniques, behavioural and societal shifts
  • Examination of government regulations, immigration changes, and international student mobility patterns
  • Translating research, trends, and external developments into revenue-generating business opportunities for you
  • Helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors by showing you how to leverage changes both within and beyond the education industry
  • Strategic development, planning, and project management for direct marketing (traditional and digital), student recruitment agencies, alumni and brand champions
  • Developing strategies and plans for partnerships with institutions, industry, media, governments, and associations
  • Relationship management with strategic partners
  • Emerging and frontier market exploration
  • Competitor analysis and new market opportunities
  • Producing industry trends, analysis and forecasts, primary and secondary research, and reports
  • Shaping your vision and mission statement
  • Review and audit of existing strategy
  • Appraisal of market opportunity (e.g. international student market) and competitor analysis
  • Development of strategic plans and priorities in the short, medium, and long-term
  • Initiating growth strategies and revenue streams via new programmes, products, services, channels, partners, and markets
  • Facilitating change management across your organisation/institution
  • Create and help implement new courses and programmes
  • Create and/or refresh evaluation and performance portfolios for language teachers and/or students
  • Initiate new language teacher hiring processes and training techniques/manuals
  • (Re)design language teacher job descriptions and specifications
  • Evaluate and help enforce classroom management for optimal student experiences
  • Quality Assurance and curriculum review, modifications and assessments
  • Develop strategic plans for academic benchmarks

Need help but not sure where to start?

Whether you’re new to internationalisation or looking to take your marketing and recruitment activities to the next level, Jackfruit Marketing can provide the support you need to help you achieve your recruitment and retention goals.

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