Are you...

  • Eager to fine-tune your current marketing and recruitment activities?
  • Looking to take your marketing to the next level?

Even seasoned professionals in international education can always use a fresh perspective on how to adapt to fluctuating market conditions and how to innovate in the months and years ahead. Moreover, a bit of guidance can come in handy if you’ve moved from an academic role to a more strategic one that now encompasses marketing and recruitment.

Services for key players in international education marketing

Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to create an overarching, integrated strategic plan in order to bring structure and focus to your marketing, content, communications, social media, and partnership activities.

We’ll help you not just maintain your market position, but gain a competitive advantage and differentiate your brand, marketing techniques, your programmes and the student experience.

Jackfruit Marketing can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Generate more revenue or find pockets of hidden revenue;
  • Create efficiencies by finding synergies across your organisation or institution;
  • Exceed the expectations of students, parents and partners;
  • Secure brand loyalty:
    • For your company by creating added value for clients;
    • For your institution through brand champions and alumni ambassador programmes.

We offer a range of services and cover many areas of expertise, and we’ve spotlighted three key techniques below to help shift your international marketing strategy up a notch.


Jackfruit Marketing Audits for the international education industry

As you prepare for the next stage of growth, it's essential to get a clear picture of your marketing efforts to date as well as understand how your brand is currently perceived by students, parents, and partners.

Our customised audits provide a fresh perspective of your international student recruitment activities and reveal strategies and tips to enhance your performance:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Website or Blog Audit
  • International Brand Audit
  • Brochure or Prospectus Audit
  • International Student Journey Audit

Learn more about the variety of audits we offer or request an audit today.


Emerging and frontier market exploration

Many institutions are over-reliant on a few main markets, and although we know this is dangerous, it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Diversifying your source markets is a long-haul game which is more likely to produce a steady drip-feed of students rather than a rush of substantial numbers typically seen from huge markets like China and India.

We take a two-pronged approach to market exploration to make a compelling case for investing in new markets:

  • Data aquisition - data and anaysis on emerging and frontier markets, giving particular attention to demographic, economic, technological and political transitions;
  • Tailored messaging - customised marketing and recruitment efforts in-country based on student profiles and programme demand.

Let us help you identify opportunities for developing or expanding your recruitment activities in the countries with the strongest growth over the next 5-15 years.


Transformative strategies

The Internet has been around for over 25 years now, but many institutions are still struggling to align their international strategy with their digital strategy. Given the speed of technological advancement, this challenge will only become greater and more complex as time passes. Need a helping hand? We thought so.

Transforming your organisation to meet tomorrow’s students is no light task. Not only does it require your leaders to shift to a digital mindset, it involves changing nearly everything about the way you work today. Sound scary? Don’t worry – we’ll take it step by step.

We have a proprietary 17-step programme we can take you through to prepare you for change and enable you to create opportunities within disruption, focusing on your institution’s strengths and goals.

We take a lateral view across the whole of your organisation and then drill down to produce a holistic, strategy-first approach towards operating or effecting change.

We can work with you on an individual project basis, or on a monthly retainer for longer-term growth and development. Contact us today!

Training sessions for those who have an advanced knowledge of international education marketing

In addition to our role as a consultant or project manager, Jackfruit Marketing offers bespoke training and development masterclasses to help you and your organisation initiate change to maximise results.

These training sessions can be delivered to your team in-house and are also offered on a one-to-one basis.

Sample training topics we recommend for those who have an advanced knowledge of international student recruitment include:

Marketing & branding:

  • Differentiating Your Brand: How to stand out in a competitive market
  • The Rise of the Selfie: Leveraging pop culture trends in your marketing and recruitment
  • Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution
  • How to Create and Utilise Student Personas to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness
  • Demystifying Generations Y & Z: How to appeal to youth culture in a brave new world
  • The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Business & strategy:

  • Best Practices and New Techniques in Marketing and Recruitment
  • Does Disruption Mean Extinction? Looking beyond our industry for inspiration, trends and forecasts
  • Emerging & Frontier Markets: Opportunities for growth
  • How Agile Are You? Adapting to Industry Trends and Forecasts
  • A proprietary marketing framework based on seven principles that enable your institution/organisation to improve your results

Use the contact form below to learn more about our training sessions and discover how Jackfruit Marketing can help you take your marketing to the next level.

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