Improving your international education marketing results

You’ve been recruiting internationally for a while now and things are going well, but you know competition is intensifying, meanwhile, economic and political forces are making recruitment more challenging.

You’re curious to find out where you can focus resources to give you a stronger return on investment and ensure that all of your hard work comes to fruition (see what we did there?).

At Jackfruit Marketing, we understand the hurdles you face when marketing to students and parents overseas or working with partners to amplify your reach.

We can help you obtain a deeper understanding of the latest techniques to enhance your results and gain a competitive advantage. Or perhaps all you need is a few tweaks here and there that can streamline processes to create efficiencies or even add substantial revenue to your bottom line. Either way, we'd love to help you.

How to obtain stronger results in marketing and recruitment

Are you...

  • ... comfortable marketing your brand internationally but feel you’re ready to move ahead to new techniques?
  • ... eager to learn more about how you can improve your results?
  • ... looking for practical tools and tips you can implement now?

Then contact us today! We can work with you on an individual project basis, or on a monthly retainer for longer-term growth and development.


Services to enhance your international education marketing

Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to add structure and strategy to your activities which can help guide day-to-day tasks, rally your staff around your vision and goals, provide a clear window on ROI, and set you on a course towards growth.

In addition, Jackfruit Marketing can help you to:

  • Ensure your marketing plans fulfil your overall institutional goals and strategic plans;
  • Align domestic and international marketing efforts to create a more cohesive brand identity for your institution;
  • Outline your marketing, communications, content, and social media strategies, including customisation options for various key markets and customer types;
  • Conduct research and competitor analysis to inform plans for short, medium, and long-term growth.

We offer a range of services, and many of our clients love our customised audits because they're quick, affordable, and packed full of practical suggestions for improvements.

Jackfruit Marketing covers several areas of expertise to help fine-tune your marketing activities and accelerate growth.


Targeted marketing in international education

Did you know that websites using personas are two to five times more effective than those with general copy?

The more tailored your marketing content is to your target audience, the more powerful it will be. Building or refining student personas will support your brand strategy and increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

We can:

  • Help you create personas for the types of students you have now or the ones you’d like to have in the future;
  • Using a student’s point of view, map different journeys from awareness to enrolment across various touchpoints;
  • Provide recommendations for improvements to help strengthen your connection with a prospect and keep them interested straight through to enrolment.

Content marketing in international education

There are three main types of content:

  • Owned;
  • Purchased;
  • Earned.

Earned content is where the magic happens - it consists of user-generated content and co-created content. This is an area that Jackfruit Marketing is particularly passionate about and can help you leverage, thanks to our famous Rise of the Selfie Content Marketing masterclass.

Chances are, you’re sitting on a treasure trove of content, but perhaps you’re not making the most of it. Much of your content can be repurposed and refreshed, and a content audit is the first step. Our services include:

  • Website audits: We can conduct content audits to discover, assess, and analyse all content. We can do this for your entire website, or selected sections/pages.
  • Social media audits: We’ll review your activities and messaging on each channel and offer advice for amendments.
  • Content management and re-purposing: We’ll provide recommendations for content improvements, organisation, and content extensions.
  • Content planning: We’ve developed a proprietary content calendar and planning file that will easily enable you to customise and track every piece of content across all of your channels.

Learn more about the variety of audits we offer or request an audit today.


Customising content for international students

Content production never stops!

We’ll show you a number of best practice techniques you can apply as you produce and acquire new content including how to:

  • Highlight specific programmes of study for certain students/parents;
  • Showcase student outcomes (i.e. academic success, employment);
  • Personalise content for student prospects;
  • Customise your messaging as students progress through the recruitment funnel.

Marketing check-ups

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes from outside of your institution or organisation can help pinpoint areas of improvement or identify previously undiscovered ways to maximise and enhance ROI.

Learn how you can benefit from a comprehensive review of current efforts to identify opportunities to further develop your marketing materials.

In addition to content audits across your website and social media channels, we can do a quick “check-up” on other marketing materials too, such as:

  • Blogs and vlogs;
  • Brochures (print and interactive pdfs);
  • Email campaigns;
  • Marketing support pieces (i.e. calendars, destination and accommodation information);
  • Event materials (i.e. signage, banners, flyers);
  • Materials for partners (i.e. materials they can edit/customise/co-brand, toolkits);
  • Testimonials and alumni stories;
  • Media library (images, visuals, videos);
  • Landing pages for online adverts and/or target audiences.

Did you know...

The jackfruit is extremely versatile. When it’s young, it’s used in savoury dishes and has the consistency of pulled pork. As the jackfruit grows and ripens, it becomes sweeter and is then used in desserts.

Just like the jackfruit itself, you’ll notice many changes as your internationalisation efforts grow and you begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour (Another pun? Oh, we are shameless!).

To see what happens at the next level, check out the services we offer for “ripe” Jackfruit Marketing clients.


Training sessions for those with a good knowledge of international education marketing

In addition to our role as a consultant or project manager, Jackfruit Marketing offers bespoke training and development masterclasses to help you and your organisation initiate change to maximise results.

These training sessions can be delivered to your team in-house and are also offered on a one-to-one basis.

Sample training topics we recommend for those who have a good foundation in international student recruitment include:

Marketing & branding:

  • Differentiating Your Brand: How to stand out in a competitive market
  • The Rise of the Selfie: Leveraging pop culture trends in your marketing and recruitment
  • Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution
  • How to Create and Utilise Student Personas to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness
  • Demystifying Generations Y & Z: How to appeal to youth culture in a brave new world
  • The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Business & strategy:

  • Best Practices and New Techniques in Marketing and Recruitment
  • Does Disruption Mean Extinction? Looking beyond our industry for inspiration, trends and forecasts
  • Emerging & Frontier Markets: Opportunities for growth
  • How Agile Are You? Adapting to Industry Trends and Forecasts
  • A proprietary marketing framework based on seven principles that enable your institution/organisation to improve your results

Use the contact form below to learn more about our training sessions and discover how Jackfruit Marketing can help refine your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Jackfruit Fun Fact

The Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit on the planet, weighing 80 pounds (35 kilos) and growing as high as 50 feet (15 metres)!