Early development

Early development

Laying the foundation for international marketing and recruitment

Whether you’re new to internationalisation, just starting to market your brand on a global scale, or looking to introduce your brand to new markets, Jackfruit Marketing can set you on the right course.

K-12 schools

As demographic changes take hold and domestic populations decline, many institutions are looking to fill empty seats with foreign students as a way to hit enrolment targets.

Jackfruit Marketing can help primary, secondary, and boarding schools to boost their international student numbers, concentrating on the markets that will bring you the strongest ROI and be the best strategic fit for your institution.

Language schools

Due to their strong agent networks, many language schools haven’t had to worry too much about direct marketing.

However, a more proactive approach towards international student recruitment can enable schools to boost their revenue and their brand value. This in turn can help grow direct enrolments and further support your agency partners by providing them with supplementary materials that promote your school.

Postsecondary education

Whether you’re a community college, university, or further education college, having a cohesive strategic plan is essential in order for you to achieve your internationalisation goals. Jackfruit Marketing can initiate growth strategies and create revenue streams via new programmes, products, services, channels, partners, and markets.

Given their size and scale, many large universities often suffer from “the silo effect” with little communication between departments. Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to bridge the gap between domestic and international student recruitment marketing, as well as align an international strategy with an institution’s marketing and digital strategies.

Perhaps your institution is new to working with student recruitment agents? We can help you establish a solid foundation when recruiting through third parties to ensure that your brand is well represented and your agency partners have the support they need. We assist with agency contracts, agent training, managing an agent network, and keeping agents informed and excited about your educational offering.

Service providers

Breaking into a new market or introducing a new product or service can be challenging. Owner and Managing Director Jacqueline Kassteen is one of the leading experts in international education, and she’ll help you navigate the occasional murky waters of the global education industry.


Jackfruit Marketing also works with a number of international education associations to help them build their profile in the industry and enhance membership benefits.


We all have to start somewhere. Contact us today to see how we can help!

If you're curious to see what happens at the next level, explore the services we offer for “maturing” Jackfruit Marketing clients.

Jackfruit Marketing Audits for the international education industry

If you’re looking to expand internationally, it’s extremely useful to have a clear view of your marketing efforts to date. Our customised audits can serve as a foundation for growth, giving you an analysis of current strengths and practical, easy-to-implement suggestions for improvements.

We offer a variety of check-ups to help enhance your international student recruitment efforts:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Website or Blog Audit
  • International Brand Audit
  • Brochure or Prospectus Audit
  • International Student Journey Audit

Learn more about our customised audits now and let us help you gain clarity around your international marketing execution.

Training sessions for those who are new to international education marketing

In addition to our role as a consultant or project manager, Jackfruit Marketing offers bespoke training and development masterclasses to help you and your organisation start off on the right foot.

These training sessions can be delivered to your team in-house and are also offered on a one-to-one basis.

Sample training topics we recommend for those who are new to international student recruitment include:

  • Best Practices and New Techniques in Marketing and Recruitment
  • A proprietary marketing framework based on seven principles that enable your institution/organisation to improve your results
  • What’s happening in recruitment? A round-the-world tour of trends and stats from today’s biggest sending markets
  • Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution
  • Differentiating Your Brand: How to stand out in a competitive market
  • Does Disruption Mean Extinction? Looking beyond our industry for inspiration, trends and forecasts
  • How Agile Are You? Adapting to Industry Trends and Forecasts

Use the contact form below to learn more about our training sessions and discover how Jackfruit Marketing can help you kick off your international marketing plans.

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