Project Management & Execution

Project Management & Execution

​Whether short-term or long-term, you can think of us as an extra set of hands whenever you need it.

Your strategic plans are only as good as the execution that follows. Jackfruit Marketing can help you kick off new projects, stay within the budget, and stick to a schedule of key milestones.

Our clients run across the education spectrum, from language and summer schools to universities as well as the associations and companies that support our industry.

As the Owner and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen personally oversees all projects. For more in-depth work or country-specific activities, we have a global network of trusted associates and partners who can provide additional support and skills.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor your international student recruitment marketing to prospects in Turkey, Iran, Colombia, and China - to name just a few countries we work in.

Projects in international education, strategy, marketing, and research

Jackfruit Marketing offers a variety of support for a range of clients such as those who are...


Some of our services include:

Strategic Marketing:

  • Creating marketing plans for institutions, organisations, products, and services
  • Creating content strategies, plans and calendars for each marketing channel
  • Creating personas for prospective students, parents, and alumni
  • Customising marketing strategies and messages towards each persona, with particular attention to where they are in the decision-making process and customer/student lifecycle

Brand Management:

  • Establishing or refreshing your brand identity, voice and persona
  • Aligning your brand to your strategic vision
  • Rallying staff and partners around your brand
  • Crafting and sharing your brand story

Jackfruit Marketing's Audits:

We offer a variety of customised audits to help increase the effectiveness of your international student recruitment efforts:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Website or Blog Audit
  • International Brand Audit
  • Brochure or Prospectus Audit
  • International Student Journey Audit

Digital Marketing:

  • Website enhancements and (re)launches
  • Blogs and vlogs
  • Campaign launches, from concept to initiation/execution to evaluation:
    - Email marketing
    - Online advertising
    - Landing pages
    - Social media
    - Marketing and sales collateral

Traditional Marketing:

  • B2B professional industry events and FAM tours
  • B2C student fairs and school visits
  • Marketing and sales collateral (brochures, signage, banners, direct mail pieces, etc.)
  • PR and media coverage

Content Marketing:

  • Conducting content audits to discover, assess, and analyse all content
  • Provide recommendations for content improvements, organisation, and content extensions/repurposing
  • Positioning your brand as an industry thought leader
  • Content writing, proofreading and editing (in American or British English as well as Spanish and Dutch)

Market Intelligence:

Training in strategic international education marketing and social media

Beyond project delivery, in order to educate and empower your team, Jackie also regularly gives customised professional development training sessions to institutions, staff, and teachers. Jackie is well-known for her dynamic presentations which provide both inspiration as well as practical tips.

Use the contact form below to ask us about Jackfruit Marketing's services or training sessions.

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