Jackfruit Marketing Audits

Jackfruit Marketing Audits

It's easy to fall into routines at work. After all, routines help us work faster, and schedules keep us on track and make us reliable.

However, the problem with routines is that we get so used to doing things a certain way, that we risk missing out on opportunities for improvement. 

Here's where Jackfruit Marketing audits can help.

Our audits serve as an objective, independent review of your international student recruitment efforts. We can conduct check-ups on your website, social media accounts, marketing materials, and more.

Benefits for you:

Latest tips and tricks

  • With marketing, social media, and tech trends changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up with the latest best practices. 
  • Our audits let you benefit from our expertise so you can focus your time and efforts on executing what works.

Fresh set of eyes

  • Internal staff are often very close to the brand, so it can be difficult to see things with fresh eyes. Our audits give you honest, unbiased feedback and first impressions of your brand’s effectiveness.
  • Our audits are conducted by two or three people from Jackfruit Marketing, so you have the benefit of getting several new points of view on what you're doing and how to improve it.

Fast and easy

  • We can conduct an audit in just a few days while you sit back and let us get to work.
  • You'll receive a report with an analysis and practical, easy-to-implement suggestions specific to your brand.

Be the best that you can be

  • Ever feel like you're probably doing a good job, but maybe things could be better, if only you could figure out what and how to change?
  • We'll show you some quick wins as well as bigger enhancements which can give you richer results over a longer time frame.

CPD for your staff

  • You might not be able to give all of your staff ongoing training, but some personal guidance on what they're doing can certainly help increase their knowledge and skills. 

What does an audit consist of?

Each audit includes an analysis of your marketing efforts with illustrative screen shots, giving a clear picture of results to date and recommendations for enhancements.

We provide practical, easy-to-implement suggestions for improvements and show you how to intentionally incorporate your USPs (unique selling points) and brand messaging into social media posts, online engagement, or content on your website, blog, or in your marketing materials.

Following the audit delivery, we'll schedule a conference call with you to run through our findings and answer any questions you may have regarding the results or implementing the suggestions.

Jackfruit Marketing Audits

We offer a variety of check-ups to help enhance your international student recruitment efforts:

Social Media Audit

We can conduct audits for your social media accounts and recent activity on each of the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Pricing starts at just £500 for two social media channels.

"The social media audit was really useful in that it gave me practical, easy to implement suggestions. It was also a great reminder or refresh of what I need to be doing, plus it gave me new things to try that I hadn’t thought of."

-- Phoebe Ruxton, Sales and Marketing Executive, Bristol Language Centre (BLC)

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Website or Blog Audit

  • How well does your website answer the needs of international students?
  • Is information easy to find and enticing?
  • Does it invite them to engage with you and let them choose how to contact you?
  • Does it clearly communicate your brand values and the unique experience students will have at your institution?

Our website audits will uncover the answers behind these questions and more. We typically start by conducting a check-up on 10-20 pages of your choice.

We can also take a close look at your blog or vlog and give you ideas to better organise content, to re-purpose it across other marketing channels, or to refresh it so it's more in line with your current target keywords and marketing objectives.

Pricing for web or blog audits differs depending on your needs and the scope of the audit. We can provide a clear list of suggested changes per page, or we can re-write the content on each page.


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International Brand Audit

International marketing is fraught with challenges and risks.

  • What do people say about your institution or brand in different markets and channels around the world?
  • How do your partners characterise their relationship with you?
  • How do overseas student recruitment agents and counsellors represent your brand and educational offering?

You work so hard to present your brand in the best light possible. Isn't it important to know what's happening when you're not looking?

We can give you a clear picture of how your brand is perceived internationally and we can also offer advice and assistance with regular, ongoing brand monitoring and social listening.


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Brochure or Prospectus Audit

So much of our content lives in the digital space, but there's still a time and place for printed collateral. Many educators struggle with wordy brochures and overly detailed content. We'll show you how to refresh your old reliable printed materials in a way that gets your message across in a simple, straightforward, visual way.

These audits can also give you tips on interactive pdfs and supporting postcards, mail shots, product toolkits, as well as event materials (e.g. signage, banners, flyers).

Pricing starts at £475 per brochure.


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International Student Journey Audit

When was the last time you went through the application and enrolment process for your institution? Although you might think your processes are easy, there's a strong chance that prospective students and parents are getting lost along the way. 

We can conduct a "secret shopper" experience for your brand, spotlighting moments where you're at risk of losing prospects in the recruitment funnel and providing you with pointers on how to create a seamless user journey.

This audit also offers suggestions to help ensure your messaging, tone of voice, and branding is consistent across channels and platforms, even when customised for different international markets.

Finally, we can look at how your brand interacts with and engages students and parents as they progress through the funnel - from the first encounter to becoming an active alumni.


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