2017 Speaking Engagements

2017 Speaking Engagements

As Owner and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen is often on the road delivering inspiring keynotes and interactive masterclasses to an international education audience.

In the last few years, Jackie has given over 80 talks on 4 continents for audiences ranging in size from 15 to 1,500 people.

Below is an overview of some of Jackie's appearances in 2017. You can also learn more about how she began speaking on stages around the world or review her 2018 speaking gigs. If you'd like to know more about her talks in recent years, feel free to contact us.

Be sure to catch up with her in 2019 or book her as a speaker or trainer for your next event.

Plenaries, training sessions and other speaking engagements in 2017


Content Marketing Masterclass:

The Rise of the Selfie - Leveraging User-Generated Content in Marketing and Recruitment

Jackfruit Marketing showed participants how they can take advantage of "the latest craze" (selfies, Ice Bucket Challenge, memes) by using pop culture trends in their digital marketing efforts to build brand awareness and engage young people.

British Council Agent Training in London, UK on 31 January 2017
British Council



Panel Presentation: The International Strategy of the Future - Markets, Dynamics and Challenges

Emerging & Frontier Markets: Opportunities for Growth

Jacqueline reviewed the latest international student recruitment trends and forecasts while spotlighting opportunities to help shape your strategic focus and develop or expand your recruitment activities in the countries with the strongest growth over the next 5-15 years.

Hobsons University in London, UK on 21 February 2017
Hobsons University Conference




What to Expect in 2017: Today's Top Trends and Future Forecasts

The year 2016 was full of surprises and 2017 started off with a bang, as the reality of President Trump and Brexit began to kick in. As 2017 began to take shape, we reviewed some of the biggest developments to date and their impact on institutions, students and enrolments. Jacqueline also offered some predictions for what lies ahead in the economic, political and technology landscapes to help attendees prepare for the year ahead.

EAQUALS webinar for members on 9 March 2017



Feature Presentation:

Demystifying Generations Y & Z: How to Appeal to Youth Culture in a Brave New World

Jacqueline compared and contrasted the characteristics, behaviour, and preferences of the two latest generations, giving tips on how to meet and exceed their expectations in order to encourage enrolment, retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

The Huddle, by FPP EDU Media and The Student World, in London, UK on 17 March 2017
Fpp Edu Media The Huddle by The Student World



Closing Plenary:

21st Century Skills - Going Beyond Language Learning

As the pace of technological change quickens and the world undergoes economic, political and cultural shifts, schools must broaden their educational offering to encompass much more than language instruction.

EAQUALS in Riga, Latvia on 27-29 April 2017
eaquals international education conference riga



Interactive Roundtable Workshop:

How Agile Are You? Adapting and Innovating in the Face of Change

This 2-hour interactive session unpacked how leaders react to change, cope with change, innovate (products, services, pricing) in the face of change, and lead their team through a time of transition.

ALTO in Madrid, Spain on 4-6 May 2017
alto association of language travel organisations



Poster Presentation:

Cities in Focus - Mapping the International Student Experience when Renting in Urban Environments

With living arrangements varying widely around the world, we undertook extensive quantitative and qualitative research to compare and contrast city living, which we revealed in a new report produced by Student.com, the leading marketplace for international student housing, and Jackfruit Marketing, a consultancy, project management and training company.

Going Global in London, UK on 22-24 May 2017
Going Global London 2017




Moving at the Speed of Light: Adapting and Innovating in the Face of Change

Jacqueline examined our approach to change through different lenses and outlined various strategies leaders can use to cope with change. She also gave compelling examples of brands that restructured their business or introduced new products or services both as a response to their changing environment and as a way to stand out in a competitive market. This inspiring talk sparked new ideas to help attendees break away from a traditional mentality and apply a new way of thinking to their brand, educational offering, marketing, and relationships with students, partners, staff, and teachers.


The Rise of the Selfie: Leveraging Pop Culture Trends in Marketing, Recruitment and Teaching

Attracting and engaging students is becoming increasingly complex, but a strong content marketing plan and a coordinated effort between academics and marketing staff can enable your institution to stand out. Attendees discovered the secrets behind a powerful content marketing approach in a fun, engaging way. They learned how brands have taken advantage of “the latest craze” (selfies, memes, hashtags) by using pop culture trends in their digital marketing efforts to build brand awareness and engage young people. Jacqueline weaved in plenty of practical implementation techniques and gave a toolkit to put into use back at work so when the next trend pops up, attendees can act quickly to leave a lasting impression with students. This workshop has been given around the world to rave reviews.

International Language Symposium in Brno, Czech Republic on 1-3 June 2017
International Language Symposium Brno



Panel Presentation:

Women in ELT: How Can We Achieve Gender Equality?

Female empowerment and gender equality are hot topics these days, but is that all they are? In recent years, these issues have cropped up in blogs, research reports, and at conferences around the world, but have things actually changed? And if not, what will it take to truly shatter the glass ceilings women face? As we look to the future of ELT, how can we better support women in positions of leadership? This interactive session included commentary from our panel as well as audience participation.

The Future of English Language Teaching hosted by Regent's University and Trinity College in London, UK on 17 June 2017
future of elt



Panel Presentation:

Expectations and Drivers in US-UK International Relationships in the Age of Gen Z

We explored the drivers and expectations of Generation Z and their parents, as well as the role US institutions have on shaping these and how UK institutions can respond to new challenges ahead.

BUILA at the University of Bath, UK on 5-7 July 2017
British Universities' International Liaison Association BUILA



Interactive Workshops for Gen Z International Students:

Part 1 - Life Beyond University: A Personal Plan and a Business Plan
Part 2 - Leadership & Entrepreneurship: What Does it Take to Succeed?

This interactive 3-hour workshop is designed especially for international students aged approximately 14-17 who are preparing for postsecondary education and/or an international career. IH London's Future Leaders programme challenges students to create their own business as part of their group projects, and Jacqueline walked them through the various aspects of starting and running a business.

IH Future Leaders in Oxford, UK on 7 April, 8 July, 13 July 2017

Developing Your Personal Brand: Creating Confident Leaders

This micro-workshop helped students craft their own personal brand and practise essential presentation and interviewing skills.

IH London Young Learners in London, UK on 14 July and 29 July 2017
IH London Summer English courses



Interactive Session for Gen Z International Students:

Life Beyond University: Creating Confident Leaders

This interactive presentation is designed especially for international students aged approximately 14-17 who are preparing for postsecondary education and/or an international career. We explored different types of leadership styles as well as developing the skills university admissions officers and future employers are looking for.

Academic Summer in Sidcot, UK on 4 August 2017
academic summer camp for international students



Interactive Session:

The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Few marketing techniques are as strong as word of mouth, and using influencers (i.e. high profile bloggers and vloggers) can make a big impact on your recruitment results. Jackie reviewed different types of influencers and explained how they differ from student ambassadors and brand champions. She also shared a variety of tactics and techniques that institutions and agents can use to find influencers and create a relationship with them. Participants were able to consider how they can actively discover influencers (prospective, current or former students) and how to incorporate them in marketing and recruitment.

Study World in London, UK on 4-6 September 2017
study world london



Interactive Campfire Session:

Rise Like a Phoenix: Embracing Failures and Successes

Ken Robinson once said, "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." What professional achievements are you most proud of? Which still make you cringe? This friendly campfire session enabled attendees to share their greatest institutional successes and failures with fellow storytellers in what was an entertaining, practical session in which participants learned from each other's experiences.

EAIE in Seville, Spain on 12-15 September 2017
eaie seville



Interactive Café Session:

The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Word of mouth is one of the most cited sources in recruitment, yet there’s a new, underutilised technique you can use to stand out: influencers (i.e. high profile bloggers and vloggers). Influencers often specialise in niche topics, which can serve specific student populations well, and many are young, Generation Z, making them an ideal avenue for gaining mindshare amongst aspiring students. This session showed attendees how to build brand awareness by using influencers at the start of the recruitment funnel, including how to find those who have strong connections with prospects, but no current links to the institution's brand. This interactive Café Session focused the discussions around how attendees can actively locate influencers (amongst prospects, current students, or alumni), how to engage them, and how they can utilise them in marketing and recruitment.

Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) in Hobart, Tasmania on 10-13 October 2017
aiec hobart



Afternoon Plenary:

Some Things Never Change – Why Storytelling Remains the Most Powerful Form of Communication

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, and certainly one of the most powerful. BUTEX and its members have countless great stories, so let’s start sharing them! Jacqueline introduced attendees to valuable storytelling techniques and frameworks, which they immediately put into practice at the conference and long thereafter.

BUTEX Winter Symposium in Manchester, UK on 8 December 2017


2017 was a great year. We hope to see you at the next event!


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