2018 Speaking Engagements

2018 Speaking Engagements

Plenaries, training sessions and other speaking engagements in 2018

As Founder and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen is often on the road delivering inspiring keynotes and interactive masterclasses to an international education audience.

Below is an overview of some of the presentations Jackie gave in 2018. For additional background and topics, see her talks in 2017 as well as those from previous years.

Catch up with her in 2019 or contact us to book Jackie as a speaker or trainer for your next event.

2018 speaking engagements:


Guest Speaker for Anglo Educational Services, UK and Muhlenberg College, USA

Location: London, UK

Date: 12 March 2018

Interactive Lecture:

The Evolution of Content Marketing & Mobile Media

Through a combination of mini presentations and interactive discussions, Jacqueline takes a group of international students on a journey of exploration into how content marketing has changed in the last decade and how various media models have adapted and innovated.



FEST (Federation for European Storytelling)

Location: SMK University of Applied Social Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania

Dates: 20-23 March 2018

Opening Plenary:

Some Things Never Change: Why Storytelling Remains the Most Powerful Form of Communication

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, and certainly one of the most powerful. But why is that so? What is it that makes storytelling so effective? In this opening talk, Jacqueline will explain how storytelling is linked to neuroscience and psychology, and she’ll share some essential elements of strong stories.

Interactive Masterclass (given 2 days in a row):

Crafting the Story: Genres and Plot Development Techniques

In this interactive training session, Jacqueline will introduce attendees to valuable storytelling techniques and frameworks, which they will immediately put into practice at the conference and long thereafter. Even if you feel like you’re not a born storyteller, all it takes is the right strategy, techniques, mindset and lots of practice. Jacqueline will cover all of this and more, using both modern and classic examples as well as those from B2B and B2C brands.

Interactive Masterclass:

Storytelling as a Form of Personal Branding

In the first few days of the event, Jacqueline teaches attendees how to use storytelling as a promotional tool. In this final session, she will illustrate how to use these techniques in a personal capacity as well, and attendees will practice creating and “selling” their personal stories.



IALC (International Association of Language Centres)

Location: Bologna, Italy

Dates: 19-22 April 2018


Lost & Found: The Adult Language Student

Language schools will no doubt have enjoyed the rise of the junior market, as teens and school groups have been giving enrolments a welcome boost in recent years. Moreover, young adults continue to show interest in improving their English for professional reasons, meanwhile the 50+ market is experiencing a bit of a reawakening. But where have all the adults gone? The 30-50 year olds have dwindled in years, with schools feeling the sting of love lost and wondering how to get them back. Join us in Bologna for an interactive, eye-opening session as Jacqueline takes attendees through a number of techniques to reclaim this student segment including marketing messages that actually work and innovative business strategies.



IH London Future Leaders Programme

Locations: London and Oxford, UK

Dates: Various dates in spring and summer

Interactive Masterclasses:

Workshop 1 - Life Beyond University: A Personal Plan and a Business Plan

Workshop 2 - Leadership & Entrepreneurship: What Does it Take to Succeed?

Workshop 3 - Developing Your Personal Brand: Creating Confident Leaders

This series of interactive workshops is designed especially for international students (~14-17 years old) who are preparing for postsecondary education, an international career, or entrepreneurship.



IH Directors Conference and Study Abroad Workshop

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Dates: 5-8 May 2018


Teaching 21st Century Skills: Going Beyond Language Learning

As the pace of technological change quickens and the world undergoes economic, political and cultural shifts, human behaviour is evolving, affecting both our personal and professional lives. Moreover, job functions are shifting, directly impacting the skills young people need to master now in order to excel in the future. Today, more than ever, schools must broaden their educational offering to encompass much more than language instruction. The real question is, how will your business model adapt to these new requirements? In this inspiring, thought-provoking plenary, Jackie shows attendees how schools can re-position their marketing messages and re-vamp their curriculum – either in small tweaks or in bold new shapes – to go beyond language instruction. Throughout the plenary, attendees will have opportunities to discuss new ideas and how to implement change at their institution.

Interactive Masterclass:

The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Few marketing techniques are as strong as word of mouth, and using influencers (i.e. high profile bloggers and vloggers) can make a big impact on your recruitment results. Jackie will review different types of influencers and explain how they differ from student ambassadors and brand champions. She will also share a variety of tactics and techniques that institutions and agents can use to find influencers and create a relationship with them. Through interactive discussions, participants will be able to consider how they can actively discover influencers (prospective, current or former students) and how to incorporate them into current and future marketing and recruitment efforts.



Study World

Location: London, UK

Dates: 3-5 Sept 2018

Interactive Session:

What’s Your Story? How To Develop Your Personal Brand

This session is all about… you! Jackie will guide you through discovering, developing, and promoting your personal brand. She’ll help you explore your core focus, personality type, mottos, leadership styles, and more. Jackie will also illustrate how to tell your personal story, and attendees will have several opportunities to practice creating and sharing their own brand stories with one another. This session will get you primed and ready for a fresh new way to approach your meetings and networking at Study World, and beyond!



EAIE (European Association for International Education)

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Dates: 11-14 Sept 2018

Interactive Campfires:

The Long Road Up: Success and Struggle

Success and failure go hand in hand, but it's the lessons learned that make all the difference. Join this friendly campfire session to share some 'big wins' that your institution achieved and discuss how you overcame the hurdles you faced along the way. This will be an open session to encourage peer-to-peer learning and share stories from each other’s experiences, enabling participants can get advice on 'impossible challenges' they can't seem to crack.

Social Media: If you want engagement, be engaging!

Three quarters of businesses do not feel confident in their customer engagement methods. If you fall into that category, don’t worry! Join us at this engaging campfire session to share your own social media stories, get tips, and listen to examples of what worked and what didn't from other brave souls to increase your confidence levels in your social media efforts.

Seminar Session:

What's in a Name? The Art of Telling Your Story

London, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam! Some institutions, due to their name and location, are easier than others to promote to prospective students, especially when they place you in a well-known city. When your name is not linked to 'place', how can you overcome this? Learn from the experience at Strathclyde and Monash (where are they?) and learn, from a storytelling expert, tools and tactics to help you tell (and sell) the story of your institution.



FINNIPS (Finnish Network for International Programmes) - Universities of Applied Sciences’ Days of International Degree Programmes

Location: Lappeenranta, Finland

Dates: 10-11 October 2018

Opening Plenary:

Strategies for Success: Essential Ingredients to Enhance HEIs’ International Marketing and Student Recruitment

This opening plenary kicks off with a rapid fire review of the latest trends in international student recruitment and mobility, and their impact on institutions, students and enrolments. To overcome these challenges in the education landscape, Jacqueline shares tips and techniques and outlines various strategies leaders can use to get ahead. She also gives compelling examples of brands (both within and beyond our industry) that restructured their business, introduced new products or services and used powerful marketing methods - all as a response to their changing environment and as a way to stand out in a competitive market. This inspiring talk will spark new ideas to help attendees break away from a traditional mentality and apply a new way of thinking to their brand, educational offering, marketing, and relationships with students, partners, staff, and academics.



ADRIES (Adriatic Education Development Research & Innovation Symposium)

Location: Split, Croatia

Dates: 12-14 October 2018

Interactive Masterclass:

The Rise of the Selfie: Leveraging User-Generated Content in your Marketing and Recruitment

Attracting, engaging and acquiring students is becoming increasingly complex: attention spans are getting shorter, technology is changing faster and global competition is intensifying. But a strong content marketing plan can enable your institution to stand out. Come discover the secrets behind a powerful content marketing approach and learn how brands have taken advantage of 'the latest craze' (selfies, hashtags, memes) by using pop culture trends in their marketing efforts to build brand awareness and engage young people. Jacqueline will review different types of content (owned, paid, user-generated, co-created) and show you how to maximise each one in order to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content across your marketing channels. She will also present solutions around the challenges of generating and managing content – particularly with limited resources – as well as engaging colleagues in our marketing efforts. This masterclass weaves in plenty of real-life examples (from the education industry and beyond) whose innovative marketing approaches have enabled their brand attributes to resonate with prospects. Attendees will get best practice tips when engaging with current and prospective students and alumni on social platforms, and have various opportunities for discussions around practical implementation techniques. This masterclass has been delivered around the world to rave reviews - don't miss it!



African Student Recruitment Conference

Location: London, UK

Dates: 8-9 November 2018

Afternoon Plenary:

Tools and Techniques for Real-time, Web-based African Student Recruitment

Pressure to recruit internationally is growing but budgets to do so are often shrinking. How do you break through to prospective students on a personal level without stretching your limited budget? In this session, the speakers will share their knowledge on emerging models and technologies for establishing and maintaining engagement with prospective students in Africa. Good practices and potential pitfalls in offering these services will be explored.

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