2019 Speaking Engagements

2019 Speaking Engagements

Plenaries, training sessions and other speaking engagements in 2019

As Founder and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen is often on the road delivering inspiring keynotes and interactive masterclasses to an international education audience.

For a flashback down memory lane, you can see an overview of some of Jackie's many appearances in 2018 or in 2017 and even earlier.

In 2019, you can catch up with Jackie at one of the events below. Contact us to book her as a speaker for your next event or to conduct in-house training for your team.

Over the last few years, Jackie has given over 80 talks on 4 continents for audiences ranging in size from 15 to 1,500 people.

2019 Speaking Schedule

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The Boarding Schools' Association (BSA) Annual Conference for Deputy Heads & Heads of Boarding

Location: Brighton, UK

Dates: 30 January - 1 February 2019

Interactive Workshop:

What’s Your Story? How To Develop Your Personal Brand

This interactive session is all about… you! Jackie will guide you through discovering, developing, and promoting your personal brand.

Through a variety of examples and exercises, you’ll explore personality types, leadership styles, mottos and more. You’ll also have several opportunities to consider how others see you versus how you want to be seen, and you'll learn how to tell your personal story.

Join us for an engaging session to help you kickstart 2019 with a whole new way to manage your reputation and image!



English UK Marketing Conference

Location: London, UK

Date: 8 February 2019

Opening Plenary:

Let me tell you a story...

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, and certainly one of the most powerful. What is it that makes stories so effective?

Jacqueline will explain what neuroscience and psychology teach us about storytelling and how we can use those insights when crafting and structuring our stories. To further illustrate the power of storytelling, Jacqueline will reveal how others are using this technique effectively in advertising and in our industry.


Panel Presentation:

The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions

Few marketing techniques are as strong as word of mouth, and using influencers (i.e. high profile bloggers and vloggers) can make a big impact on your recruitment results. Jackie and Ricky Sharma (Marketing Director, EC) will review various types of influencers and explain how they differ from student ambassadors and brand champions. Based on examples from outside the industry and from EC's successful influencer strategies, they will also share a variety of tactics and techniques that institutions and agents can use to find influencers and create a relationship with them. Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts of how to actively incorporate influencers into future marketing and recruitment efforts.



IH London Future Leaders Programme

Location: Oxford, UK

Dates: Various dates in the summer

Interactive Masterclasses:

Workshop 1 - Life Beyond University: A Personal Plan and a Business Plan

Workshop 2 - Leadership & Entrepreneurship: What Does it Take to Succeed?

Workshop 3 - Developing Your Personal Brand: Creating Confident Leaders

This series of interactive workshops is designed especially for international students (~14-17 years old) who are preparing for postsecondary education, an international career, or entrepreneurship.



International Language Symposium

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Dates: 6-8 June 2019


Topic TBC



Pavilion ELT Live! Challenges and Change in ELT

Location: London, UK

Date: 22 June 2019

Afternoon Plenary:

Break the Mould! Adapting and Innovating in the Face of Change

Human behaviour has changed drastically in the last few decades, and critics are quick to point out that the education industry isn’t keeping up. As pressure mounts and enrolments teeter, it becomes more and more crucial to innovate in order to not only survive, but thrive.

In our afternoon plenary, Jacqueline shares tips, techniques and various strategies you can use to overcome the challenges of today and position your brand for growth in 2020 and beyond. You’ll see compelling examples of brands (from both within and beyond our industry) that restructured their business, introduced new products or services, changed the student experience, and used powerful marketing methods - all as a response to their changing environment and as a way to stand out in a competitive market. This inspiring plenary will spark new ideas to help attendees break away from a traditional mentality and apply a new way of thinking to their brand, educational offering, marketing, and relationships with students, partners, staff, and academics.



EAIE (European Association for International Education)

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Dates: 24-27 September 2019

Seminar Session:

New Recruitment Realities: How to use AR & VR throughout the Student Journey

Awareness - engagement - conversion. The goals are the same but the expectations have changed. Luckily, the tools have too, with new technologies like AR & VR enabling higher ed marketing to come to life. Via two case studies implemented at Monash, plus examples of how to use storytelling techniques with this new tech and interactive group work, you’ll learn how your institution can use AR & VR to generate interest, engagement and applications as well as aid conversion and retention.

Interactive Campfire:

How to Use Storytelling Techniques to Bring Alumni Success to Life

We all love spotlighting our successful alumni, but are we making their achievements look too easy? Too perfect? The essence of a good story involves struggle, so how do we tell authentic stories about how our alumni got to where they are whilst still maintaining our institution’s brand reputation? Join us to explore how to go beyond the standard student testimonial (aka alumni success story) and articulate genuine stories of student life and future success.


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