Training & Development

Training & Development

Jackfruit Marketing conducts bespoke training workshops to educate and empower you and your team, covering a wide range of topics and specialties in strategy, marketing, technology, international student recruitment as well as global education research and trends.

Owner and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen is a frequent plenary speaker at various global education events. Her training sessions are popular because they allow her to go deeper than her keynote presentations, incorporating more participant interaction and engagement with the material.

Training offered at conferences

Training can be given as a pre-conference workshop or as part of industry conferences and events. For example: 

  • Her famous "Rise of the Selfie" Content Marketing Masterclass which has been given prior to AIEC in Melbourne, Australia, at the IH Directors Conference in Oxford, England, at the British Council Agent Training in London, UK and many other events.
  • Her "How Agile Are You?" interactive workshop given at ALTO's Annual Conference in Madrid, Spain where attendees explored new solutions to innovate and adapt in the face of change and discussed ways to lead their teams through times of transition.

Jackie has also run full training days for the annual events of organisations such as Quality English and the TEN group.

Training offered in-house

In addition, Jackfruit Marketing offers training sessions on location for institutions, companies and organisations. Oftentimes, only one or two people are able to attend a conference, yet the whole organisation can benefit from knowledge sharing, stimulating dialogues and professional development. Jackie's flexibility enables her to come straight to you, which means your entire team has the opportunity to participate.

In providing this personal service, Jackie is also able to customise the content according to your organisation's strengths, challenges, needs and goals.

As a result, your team receives practical templates, plans, checklists and calendars which they can begin using immediately to help focus their efforts, organise their work, and align activities with your overall marketing strategy. If you need help developing or refining your strategic marketing plan, we can assist here too.

Jackfruit Marketing's bespoke training sessions are designed to suit your needs, with the agenda taking various forms such as:

  • One-on-one training with individual staff members;
  • Presentations for small and large groups;
  • A balanced mix of presentations and interactive group work to put theory into practice;
  • A series of group discussions designed to tease out thoughts and feedback from the attendees.

Usually after a training session, staff follow-up internally with more detailed group discussions on their own. Jackie then returns to the group a few days or weeks later to review what was covered and help staff incorporate their newfound knowledge into action.

In this way, training sessions can be seen as a single opportunity to raise staff's knowledge to the next level, or they can open the door to ongoing consultancy to facilitate change. Since Jackfruit Marketing is a neutral party, staff can often feel more comfortable discussing challenges and frustrations with Jackie, which she converts into post-visit reports including progress updates and ongoing suggestions for improvements.

Sessions for international students

Jackie also speaks to international students on a variety of topics such as leadership, career development, entrepreneurship, and international business. Click here to learn more.

Training format and outcomes

Jackfruit Marketing's masterclasses last anywhere from a few hours to two full days and include a balance of both instruction and interactive, dialogue-led working groups. Classes are specifically designed to weave in plenty of opportunities for discussions around practical implementation techniques and overcoming current obstacles and challenges.

Depending on the training topic, attendees also receive the following:

  • Tailor-made templates to put into use at work;
  • Calendars and planning sheets to provide structure to daily, weekly, and monthly activities;
  • Tips and checklists for best practices.

Contact us to receive sample course outlines or to discuss any of our training options:

  • One-on-one staff training;
  • Half-day masterclasses;
  • Full-day masterclasses;
  • Interactive webinars;
  • Preferred consultant and trainer for EAQUALS.


Training topics


Sample topics for a B2B professional audience include:


International education trends:

  • Does Disruption Mean Extinction? Looking Beyond our Industry for Inspiration, Trends and Forecasts
  • Emerging & Frontier Markets: Opportunities for Growth
  • 21st Century Skills: Going Beyond Language Learning
  • How Agile Are You? Adapting and Innovating in the Face of Change
  • What to Expect in International Education: Today's Top Trends and Future Forecasts

Marketing and recruitment:

  • The Rise of the Selfie: Leveraging Pop Culture Trends in Marketing and Recruitment
  • Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution
  • Best Practices and New Techniques in Marketing and Recruitment
  • Differentiating Your Brand: How to Stand out in a Competitive Market
  • How to Create and Utilise Student Personas to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness
  • Demystifying Generations Y & Z: How to Appeal to Youth Culture in a Brave New World
  • The Secrets of Using Influencers and Building Brand Champions
  • 7 Marketing Principles That Enable You to Improve Your Results ​

Storytelling and branding:

  • Some Things Never Change: Why Storytelling Remains the Most Powerful Form of Communication
  • Crafting the Story: Genres and Plot Development Techniques
  • Storytelling as a Form of Personal Branding

Professional development:

  • How to Develop and Manage Your Personal Brand
  • Powerful Presentation Skills: Top Tips to Help you Become an Engaging Speaker
  • Female Leaders: How Can We Achieve Gender Equality?

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Jackfruit Fun Fact

The Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh.