Training for Students

Training for Students

Sessions for international students

While the majority of the training Jackfruit Marketing offers is geared toward a B2B professional audience, our founder and director Jackie Kassteen also acts as a guest lecturer and conducts half-day sessions for international students. She covers a variety of topics such as leadership, career development, entrepreneurship, marketing and international business.

Students are at the heart of what we do, so Jackie relishes any opportunity to connect with them. These sessions are particularly enriched by her unique background which includes CELTA training, previous teaching experience, and knowledge gained from living and working in eight countries across a variety of organisational sizes and structures.

Training format and outcomes

You can bring Jackie in to speak to your students for a 45-minute guest lecture, a few hours, or even several full days.

Her presentations always include a balance of both instruction and interactive, dialogue-led working groups. Classes are specifically designed to allow students to discuss and practice what they're learning, and include plenty of opportunities for feedback to help them overcome obstacles and challenges.

Contact us to receive sample course outlines or to discuss any of our training options:

  • Guest lectures;
  • Half-day masterclasses;
  • Full-day masterclasses;
  • One-on-one training;
  • Interactive webinars.

Training topics

Sample topics for a B2C international student audience include:



  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship:  What does it take to succeed?
  • Life Beyond University:  A personal plan and a business plan
  • Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?

Personal Development:

  • How to Develop and Manage Your Personal Brand
  • Powerful Presentation Skills:  Top tips to help you become an engaging speaker
  • Forging an International Career:  Cross cultural skills and leadership training


  • Top Trends in Youth Marketing:  How brands are targeting… you!
  • The Rise of the Selfie:  Leveraging pop culture trends in marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Execution
  • Best Practices and New Techniques in Marketing
  • Brand Differentiation:  How to stand out in a competitive market


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Student Feedback

One of the schools that Jackie visits is IH London, which runs a fantastic Future Leaders Programme in the spring and summer. International students form groups and work on various projects over two weeks. For example, they learn how to create social enterprises and they form their own companies.

Jackie has been appearing as a guest lecturer for several years, teaching and guiding the students. Here's a few of the comments that some of the students shared after Jackie's visits:

  • "The way she spoke was absolutely incredible and it was very helpful for our business, because we considered some things we weren’t considering before. And it was so entertaining, I didn’t get distracted for any moment. Thank you!"
  • "I really liked her presentation. It made me think about other creative ways of finding solutions and gave great ideas for our project."
  • "One thing that stood out was that if you never give up, you will succeed. I learned how to be persistent."
  • "She knew how to keep things interesting! I also liked the motivation she gave me to continue and to be a better person!"
  • "I like the way she talks to us and explains things, and encourages us to think bigger. This helps me to plan my future."
  • "I was thinking about opening a business after high school, and I never thought of some things she mentioned."
  • "I like her attitude and the way she motivates us and shows us how to overcome obstacles that may set you back throughout your business and even your life."
  • "This special lecture told me that I should be more curious. And I want to be a leader who can devote my skills to others."
  • "I really like this lesson because the stories she told were very interesting. It also teaches me how to be more successful and never give up. It faces me to reality."
  • "I want to congratulate her for an amazing lecture. I’ve been on a lot of lectures about business and different TEDx talks, and I have to admit that this was one of the best ones. She joined us in the conversation many times and I loved the format. Even though the lecture was a little bit long, it wasn’t boring (and this is something that I really appreciate). I know how hard is it to have attention of the public for really long time. Congrats!"

jackie giving training for students in oxford


Use the contact form below to book Jackie for an upcoming lecture or masterclass.


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