Who is Jackfruit?

Who is Jackfruit?

Enabling you to succeed

​Quite simply, Jackfruit Marketing is an enabler.

We excel at enabling people, brands and organisations to fulfill their highest potential. Oftentimes, that means changing the way you work or the way you think. These changes can be incremental or transformational. Whatever style you prefer, we are here to help.

If we work together, it will be our goal to ensure that we enable…

  • … you as a leader to enact and enforce change;
  • … your staff to implement change;
  • … your institution or organisation to achieve its goals.

As the Founder and Managing Director, Jacqueline Kassteen delivers the bulk of Jackfruit Marketing's services. In addition, there is also a global network of experienced associates and partners to amplify the company's offering.



FruitFame.comJacqueline strongly believes in the power of enabling others, which is also why she decided to create FruitFame, a new platform that gives people the opportunity to share best practices and success stories, of which there are many in our industry, each one deserving its own spotlight.

Global education professionals now have the chance to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to succeed. Sharing a story is free - visit FruitFame.com today and share a success story of your own!


Why Jackfruit Marketing?

People often ask why Jacqueline decided to call her company Jackfruit Marketing. If you’re also curious, you can learn the story here.

You'll also notice several "jackfruit fun facts" towards the bottom of most pages on the site, because we all need to have a bit of fun now and then!

Official bio

Jacqueline Kassteen

Jacqueline Kassteen has 20 years of marketing experience in the international education and student travel industries, as well as in publishing, lead generation, retail, and financial services. She holds a BSc in Marketing and CELTA qualifications for adults and young learners. She has dual nationality (American and Dutch), has lived in eight countries, and is based in London.

Jacqueline is well known for launching ICEF Monitor and building it into the most popular website for international student recruitment with 3.2+ million pageviews and a global audience of 40,000+ subscribers in 165+ countries.

In February 2016, Jacqueline became the Founder and Managing Director of Transformative Marketing Solutions Ltd., which controls Jackfruit Marketing, a consultancy, project management, and training company, and FruitFame.com, a new, award-winning platform dedicated to showcasing success stories in marketing, branding, recruitment, enrolment and retention.

Jacqueline works with clients as a consultant and project manager, offering marketing expertise in the international education industry. She advises on recruitment and retention strategies through the use of online and offline marketing techniques, agency usage, social media, alumni, product development, as well as competitive analysis and research.

Jacqueline also runs training sessions and masterclasses, and is a regular plenary speaker, presenter, and panelist at various global events held throughout the year. ​


International education expertise

Along with the countless articles Jacqueline has written and edited for ICEF Monitor, over the years she has also authored several articles which have appeared in other industry journals and magazines, such as:


Jacqueline is also mentioned in the press from time to time, for example:


Video interviews with key players in international education

In her four and a half years with ICEF Monitor, while overseeing all of the written content, Jacqueline was also the director behind the scenes for all of the video interviews. She directed interviews with over 70 movers and shakers in international education! Finally in 2015, she also got in front of the camera to conduct them, and she continues to maintain relationships with many influencers and decision makers in our industry.

Jacqueline is often asked for video recordings of her presentations. She is exploring this option for the future. In the meantime, contact her if you’d like more information about previous or upcoming presentations.

Jackfruit Fun Fact

The Jackfruit is the biggest fruit on the planet!
Find out more about this incredible fruit.